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Traveling with Baby - 4 must have items

Traveling with a baby is no easy task. The next series of posts are some must have items for long distance travels. These are all items I have purchased myself and LOVE! I won't travel without them.

I have provided links to Amazon where you can purchase these items.


$19.00 on Amazon

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First and foremost, I recommend this travel floor pillow. It converts your seat into a bed for the tots! Bonus: toys wont fall on the floor and get lost. You can use it on an airplane, of course, in a car or at home. I have even used it as a barrier when a toddler gate was not available. It's super easy to inflate/deflate and comes with a floor protector so that you don't ick up your pillow. The height is fully adjustable which gives you a flush fit with just about any airline. It packs pretty small, about the size of a compact umbrella. This goes with me on EVERY flight since I bought it.


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Next is an iPad/Tablet mount. I know... we are not supposed to expose our kids to electronics BUT sometimes you just have to whip it out for your own sanity - Long flights & car rides fall into this category.I particularly liked this mount. Its fully adjustable so it fits just about any device, you can adjust the angle, and mounts to your carseat headrest OR inflight tray table. The strap is a super elastic with a high grade hook and loop function which easily attaches to a multitude of objects . The entire thing folds up nice and small, you can fit it in your purse or cary-on easily.

Baby Friendly Headphones

$18.97 on Amazon

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You will need these if you plan to play a movie for the little one(s) on a flight. Don't expect to play directly through your device, it's WAY too loud on the plane and you don't want to annoy your neighbors. The ultra thin, volume limiting speakers are embedded into a super comfy fuzzy fleece headbands. Volume Limited Speakers means you don't have to worry about damaging little eardrums (max volume 90db). You can also be pulled down over the eyes as a

sleep mask during naps. The speakers can be moved around within the headband to adjust to the child. My baby used these at 13mos. they fit a little loose but worked just fine. I positioned the speakers slightly behind her ears so that it's not playing directly into her ears. Overheating was not an issue, I was worried about that since my baby usually runs hot. Bonus, The headband is washable!

Airplane Tray Activity Cover

$20.95 on Amazon

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Disclaimer: I have not used this item yet but I have purchased and received it for my upcoming trip.

No more germs! I usually spray down everything when first get onboard, the last

thing I need on a trip is baby girl getting sick. With this cover, I can throw it on worry free.It packs super small, smaller than I expected, about the size of a folded up kitchen towel. I decided to pack the mat itself with all the items I will need out (baby wipes, toys, snacks etc.) so that I won't have to fumble around when I get to my seat. This will be the first thing I will do, slap it on, stick my bag underneath, settle in and ready to go! It's a bit pricier than I would like but it might just be worth it. I will write up an update when I return from my trip.

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