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Glass Bottles

I have tried many different types of glass bottles, read on for my comparison:

1) Tommee Tippee Glass Bottle - I like the look of these but they only come in 9oz size which makes them a bit heavy for little hands. They are also a bit pricey, around $13-20 per bottle. The nipple is closer to nature with a larger area around the nipple. Like a boob! Good for nursing babes. Buy from Amazon.


-Cool look

- Closer to nature style nipples

- Air vent for reducing gas

- Thick glass, reduces breakage

- BPA and phthalate free


- Large size only

- No color options

- Heavy for little babies

- $$ Moderate-High


2) LifeFactory Baby Bottle - Watch out pocket book, these are not cheap but totally worth it! These are really cute and come in an assortment of gorgeous colours. You can get them in 9oz or 4oz which is a plus. BPA/BPS free. Dishwasher safe, no need to remove the silicone outer. The silicone outer is fantastic for durability and helps with grip. However, it does make sliding in and out of your diaper bad pocket a bit challenging. I have to put it in a ziplock so that it doesn't stick. That's a bit annoying BUT if you plan on using it at home, it's a winner! Purchase on Amazon.


- Super cute!

- Variety of colours

- Silicone outer helps with resistance to breaking also great for gripping

- All parts dishwasher safe

- BPA free


- It's not cheap

- The silicone outer makes it difficult to slide into diaper bag pocket

- Cha-ching! $14+ per bottle


3) Evenflo Feeding Glass Premium Proflo Vented Plus Bottles - So far these are my top pick if you take all aspects into consideration. Not the cutest but still has a little style with subtle colour options. But... You get so much bang for your buck! 100% free of BPA, polycarbonates, phthalates, PVC and is constructed of FDA approved food grade materials. Talk about nothing but the best for your baby! The glass has ridges to help make holding easier for those tiny fingers. I have dropped these on tile and cement without breaking!! Maybe luck, maybe good manufacturing.? These bottles have a 1 valve venting system to help keep tummy happy. Heres the best part....... $15 for a 6 pack!! Yes for 6 bottles. You can find them on Amazon.


- Great price

- Strong, durable tempered glass

- Air valve for a happy belly

- BPA, polycarbonates, phthalates and PVC


-Only 3 color options

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