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Travel Stroller Comparison - Diono Traverze | Zoe XLC | GB Qbit Plus

This was a tough one! I give a thumbs up to all 3 strollers. Choosing one of the 3 to keep was a decision solely based on personal preference and not of quality. The quality was pretty comparable between them.

**Check out the quick-sheet comparison chart at the bottom of the page.**


I ended up with the Zoe XLC... The deciding factor was how compact and lightweight it was, smallest & lightest in its class. Some other factors were that it had a pretty deep recline (I was looking for a full flat recline which is difficult to find in the U.S.), the leg extends out -a must have to ensure longer naps while on the go. And lastly, I loved the fact that the back of the canopy rolls up for extra ventilation and rear access to baby. I was visiting multiple climates so this was a really convenient option for the hotter, humid destinations. It really came in handy and I used it quite a bit more than I even imagined.

The 3 biggest downsides to this stroller were: 1) The two-hand fold which was a bit cumbersome and takes a little getting used to. 2) The small basket. However, you can still fold the stroller with a blanket & change of clothes left in the basket, so that's kinda nice. 3) It's a bit back heavy due to the narrow wheelbase. You must be careful not to overload the back with heavy diaper bags and such.

The Zoe XLC was not the most stylish of the 3, but practicality won in this case (it most often does when it comes to travel).


* 11 lbs - Lightweight & SUPER compact

* Fits in overhead compartment inflight

* Leg extends

* Large canopy

* Canopy opens on backside


* Balance - Narrow wheelbase = Back heavy. Will topple over easily.

* 2 hand fold - Somewhat difficult when jumping onto trolly or train.

* Basket - limited space

GB Qbit Plus

I really wanted to like this stroller because of the look and color options. The Qbit is a fantastic stroller and will probably work for most others. The main reasons I did not select it was because the canopy was a little smaller than the Zoe and it does not open up in back. I really wanted these options because we were traveling to Israel where it gets REALLY HOT, otherwise, I may have gone with the Qbit. The fabric is made of luxurious feeling material and the seat appears to be quite comfortable. The best thing about the Qbit is the one-hand fold and quick unfold. I wasn't a huge fan of the peekaboo window; it's somewhat difficult to see through since it's made of plastic.

In my opinion, however, the UK version is much more appealing and probably worth spending the extra $$ if you can ship it to the US. The UK version comes with a bumper bar and rain cover. The the seat reclines to an almost flat position, a bit deeper than US version. It's overall a lovely stroller!


* Nice look - Very chic looking stroller

* Plush seat - Nicely cushioned

* Large basket - More stuff

* One hand fold - Very easy!

* Travel system ready - Adapters are available for sale, GB Asana infant car seat can be attached to the frame


* Peekaboo window is difficult to see through due to a plastic window covering the mesh

* Brakes - Could have been a little stronger, seamed a little weak.

* Canopy does not open in back (this is a personal preference)

* 16 lbs - It's a bit heavier than the others

Diono Traverze

My #1 reason for passing up on the Diono was because it does not have a leg rest extender. My daughter is an active sleeper and needs that additional support during naps. The mesh siding creates nice airflow for warm weather, but may be an inconvenience in cooler climates - won't keep your baby cozy. We were traveling to areas with different climates and needed something more versatile. Lastly, it doesn't fold quite as small as the other two. Otherwise, this stroller has just about everything you'll want in a travel stroller. I personally love all the color options. The seat is nice and cushy and it has a HUGE undercarriage basket. The basket has a magnetic flap that opens up like a drawer for easy access, but if you leave it open you can use it for extended storage. The other attractive features are the deep recline and the extremely large peekaboo window, which doubles as extra ventilation. The coolest thing about the Traverze is the telescopic handle that extends out when folded, like a carry-on bag. Makes towing behind you at the airport, train station, etc a cinch. Like the others, it can fit in most overhead compartments, the Diono however, comes with a travel bag (nice)! It's the little things that make a difference.


* Telescopic handle - Rolls like luggage

* Plush seating

* Deep recline

* One hand fold

* Flip flop friendly brake

* Ventilated sides - This can also be a con if visiting colder climates

* Large peekaboo window with flap


* No legrest extender

* One hand fold gets in the way of one hand push - It's a bit awkward to push one handed

* Ventilated sides - Won't keep the wind out in winter.

* Fold - Doesn't fold as small as the others - see comparison chart

Something to note: * The back is short on all 3 strollers - Children over 2yrs may have difficulty napping comfortably depending on their height. Their head may reach past the top of the seat back when reclined.

Comparison Chart

Diono Traverze | Zoe XLC | GB Qbit

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