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Bath Time - This one is a must have.

I think every new mommy needs one! Introducing my favorite bath tub. I've tried about 2 dozen different styles and this one stands out above all the others.

Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub

Compact Support Seat, Makes Bath Time Easy

Recommended 0-12mo. I used it up to 18mo


As mentioned above, the Shnuggle is by far the best baby tub I've used... and I have tried MANY. This is the only tub I've found that keeps baby's belly warm while bathing. I was able to bathe my baby from birth to about 18 months with no issues. At 1yr, my girl preferred bathing in this tub over the big tub, I guess with the Shnuggle she felt safe from falling into the deep abyss. The slight recline is at the perfect angle to keep baby comfortable from birth on up. I felt really confident bathing my little one and did it with much ease in this tub, unlike others I've used. There are rubber grips at the base to help keep it from slipping. The inside back has a little foam padding for additional comfort -which also helps keep your baby from sliding around. In addition to the slip grip foam cushion, there is a bump in the middle of the tub floor which helps keep baby from sliding down into the water. It makes things much easier if you don't need to hold the baby up while bathing. One hand can be used for added support while the other is free to wash. Washing in this tub for the first time was one of those "best purchase I've ever made!" moments for me. I'm certain you'll agree with me.

The only thing I wish it had was a drain. Sometimes I like to empty some of the water and add fresh water to the tub; it's a bit of a pain to take baby out every time you want to refresh the H2o. I would not advise trying to empty the water with your baby in the tub, bad idea. Other than that I wouldn't change a thing.

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