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Magical - 1st Bath Video

I was completely blown away by this video! Sonia Rochel-Krief is an angel... Watch what this nurse from France does for these new young hearts. You can see the love for these babies exuding from her. She is an inspiration to me and changed how I view baby bath time. After watching Sonia do her magic for the umpteenth time, I decided I wanted my child's first bathing experience to be as beautiful as it was in the video. I asked the hospital staff to hold off on giving my daughter her first bath so I could do it myself when I got home. I emailed Sonia to see if she had any tips on recreating the experience at home (see her notes below). After following her recommendations and setting up the room precisely as she advised, I was ready to give my baby an experience that I felt will stay with her forever. Soft lighting, mellow music, warm bath and loving embrace; I was all set to share this bonding moment with my first born. To this day, she LOVES her bath time. I urge every mother to try this at home <3

Enjoy the video and be sure to see Sonia's tips below.

Sonia Rochel Baby Bath Tips:

  1. Listen to your baby, she will speak to you if you listen

  2. Be sure baby is in the right mood to take a bath

  3. Never give bath when baby is hungry

  4. Take your time - keep it relaxed. The focus should be on fun, not hygiene

  5. Keep the room warm

  6. Water set to a constant 98.5 F

  7. Prepare everything ahead of time - lay out towels, shampoo, blankets, clothes, etc.

  8. Be relaxed

  9. Don't be afraid to immerse the baby in water, getting water in eyes and ears is ok! They are submerged in the womb

  10. Use only gentle shower-heads

  11. Let the baby direct the bath. Be there with ready hands

  12. Safety Tips:

  13. be read for sudden movements - baby's startle reflex will kick in when they touch the sides

  14. do not submerge her nose at any time

Here is one more video for your enjoyment.

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