Sleeping with GERD

July 9, 2018

Our little one had a terrible case of GERD which we later found out was mostly attributed to a severe dairy allergy. Thankfully everything cleared up by the time she turned one. The first 4-6 months were brutal; our daughter was unable to lay flat at any given time. Even after holding her upright for 30 minutes after eating, she would still vomit if we would lay her down. It was rough! My husband and I would alternate sleeping 3-4 hrs at a time (or as long as we could bare it) while the other would go downstairs & hold her at a precise angle to keep her from refluxing. We literally did not share a bed for 4 months! We couldn't go on any longer and had to do something. The painstaking search for a solution had begun. We tried everything from inserting a wedge under her bassinet to propping pillows under her mattress, swings, gliders, you name it, we tried it!!

Our only salvation and remedy to our baby's sleep was the taco! 

Well, actually it's just a Rock n Play but it's reminiscent of a taco where the rocker is the shell and your baby is enveloped in the center... The "Taco!" 


I've tried about 4 or 5 different versions, they all were pretty good with slight variations, but we ended up with the

Jonathan Adler®

Crafted by Fisher-Price® Deluxe Smart Connect™ Rock 'n Play Sleeper



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With the J-Adler, you get form, function and style!

I love the beautiful design, which is always a factor for me. But mostly, I liked the comfort features and function of this rocker. The bedding is super soft with plush fabrics and mesh siding for breathability. This rockin' taco offers hands free rocking with speed control, music, 12 sounds with volume control, and customizable vibrations. The best part is - it all connects to your smartphone. You just download the app and you'll have full access at your fingertips! Did I mention it's beautiful?!



Check it out




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