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Swaddle Solution

Love to Dream

Swaddle Up & Swaddle Up 50/50

$29.99 - $34.99

Buy Buy Baby | Target

I'm Loving these swaddles by Love To Dream. Say good-bye to the straightjacket!! If your baby hates the swaddle, but sleeps better all wrapped up, you must try these zip-up zen-sations. They zip up like other similar styles, but these leave a little extra room at the top for their hands -allowing them to sleep with their hands by their face and self soothe (similar to how things were in the womb). As you know, most babies like to sleep with their hands up, it's most natural for them.

Fear no more those late night diaper changes! No more messing with the swaddle you've worked so hard to perfect...These snuggly sleeping cocoons are designed with a 2 way zipper, allowing you to unzip from the bottom to make diaper changes a breeze! Genius! So simple yet so brilliant.

Ahem, there's more... You don't need to unswaddle sleeping beauty to put her in the carseat. Swaddle Up and Swaddle Up 50/50 allows you to seatbelt your little bundle into the carseat without deconstructing the swaddle. Very nice!

(Watch the video below)

For all you transitioning babies, the ones who are masters of pulling that one arm out, I have a solution for you. The Love To Dream 50/50 offers the option to un-zip one arm so that you can sleep with your favorite arm out. Outstanding!

So... Sweet dreams, parents! Prepare for a better night's sleep.

I would not recommend getting them on Amazon as there are a few imposters out there. Buy Buy Baby, Target and other reputable retailers are probably your best bet to ensure you do not end up with a knock off.

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