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Clean Food Delivered Right to You?

How many of us wish we could give our little ones a clean, healthy meal on a regular basis? Unless you have all day to spend cooking & prepping fresh meals from scratch, it is near impossible to do so. We all want only the best for our kids but seriously, who has time for that? I’m fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom and it’s even difficult for me to find time, all the time. There are prepackaged options available, even food delivery services which offer "healthy" meals. But how healthy are they really? Packed with preservatives and sugars, you can hardly call it clean eating.

Well, check this out, Raised Real offers a solution! The founder of RR personally went on a hunt to find the best pre-prepped food for his twins. When he found nothing out there, he decided to change the game; offering REAL, unprocessed, unrefined meals, organically-sourced, baby-ready meals developed by a nutritionist! All meals are flash frozen to seal in nutrition and are ready in under 10 minutes. It gets better... They deliver right to your door, shipped every 2 weeks in a special reusable, recyclable cooler. Well, how much is this beautiful concept going to cost?? Under $5 per meal!


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