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Keep Cool! - Stroller Fans

Eforstore Baby Trendy Simple Mouse Shape Clip-On Mini Stroller Fan

I have tried many different portable fans for my baby buggy and this by far was the best one yet. It's extremely lightweight, great for travel and rolls up into a ball nicely for stowing. The neck is longer & sturdier than others I have tired and the blades are durable yet soft enough were it won't hurt curious little fingers. Most soft blades are made of foam which can easily tear but these were more of a pliable plastic material. My baby has yet to destroy them. I love the sleek clip design, it can stand up on its own and/or mounts to pretty much any surface I have tried (within reason). The on/off is a bit cumbersome but not awful. There are 2 different power buttons -The one on top is a touch sensor with 3 speeds options (low, high and off) and then there is the master on/off switch on the side.

Pro -My daughter actually likes being able to control the speed with one touch.

Con - the touch is extremely sensitive and accidentally turns on or off easily.

There is an built-in battery that charges quickly and holds a charge very well. The charge on this fan seems to last quite a bit longer than my other fans. I do wish there was an indicator to show you how much charge is left and/or when it's fully charge. I have literally traveled around the world with this fan and it's by far my favorite.

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A close second...

Accering USB Clip Fan

Very powerful fan! I did not expect so much airflow from such a small fan. The clip is quite large but very strong and stays put. I live in Florida where it gets very hot and a travel/stroller fan is a must have item for outings. I will say the charge doesn't last as long as the Eforstore Clip-On Mini Stroller Fan (above) BUT this fan does have a stronger flow, so I guess it's a trade-off. There is one button for on/off, low and high settings -You'll get longer use if you keep it on the low setting (which is still pretty strong). There is a cage around the blades to protect little fingers, but my little one managed to find a way to get her fingers inside (surprise, surprise!). She did not appear to be hurt though, so I guess it's not toooo dangerous. This fan is a bit bulkier than the aforementioned, but it is more powerful... yet another tradeoff. I actually use both fans, this one I keep attached to our stroller for walks around our neighborhood and the other I keep in the car with our travel stroller.

Yes, I have 2 strollers (well, lets be honest I actually have several)! One of which I keep in the car and and the other I leave at home, ready for quick walks around the neighborhood. As every new parent does, I purchased the "Cadillac of strollers" thinking I'm getting the best of the best for my first child! Then quickly I realized how cumbersome it is to load and unload the 30lbs contraption in and out of the car. I'm only 5' (5'3 with heals) so it was quite a challenge as you can imagine. Eventually, I got smart and purchased something more practical for travel. Be sure to check out my reviews on strollers


1.5 years and still going strong!

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